Begin the healing process by following directions as outlined below and communicate with The Pristine Support Team if and when you require assistance during the healing process. 1-888-671-2873

For any Autoimmune driven condition: (See List): Your initial dosage schedule would be: Take one capsule of the immune modulating components the first day, two capsules the second day, three the third, etc. until reaching 8 capsules on day number 8. Hold at 8 capsules per day until healed. Submit a progress report every 30 days and communicate with Support. Higher dosages may be taken for serious or multiple conditions, or to simply heal faster.

Take 1/2 of your dosages in the morning, and 1/2 in the evening. Capsules may be taken with or without food. Capsules are a medium size 500mg kosher veggie-capsule. Capsules may be swallowed, or capsule contents mixed with liquids, foods, or shakes. Capsules contain pure, concentrated, natural, organic, plant-derived immune modulating components classified as food material for the immune system. There are No other ingredients.

Capsules may be taken with or without any medication or supplement. There are No reactions or contraindications with Any medication or supplement. As your symptoms and conditions improve, have your doctor wean you from the medications until completely off.

Do Not make the most common mistake reported: Feeling good (70, 80, 90% better), then dropping the dosages too soon. Be certain to communicate with Support prior to reducing dosages. 1-888-671-2873

The immune modulators are here:

God’s speed in healing.
Dr. Ronald P. Drucker 954-547-0487