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For the Practitioner

From My Experience: How to Heal a Patient with autoimmune conditions.

Dr. Ronald P. Drucker

We Are in this business of Healing the “incurable” TOGETHER: Although I have been involved in this for the last 20 years, I have only recently (within the last year) put this particular guide together for physicians. And although it may cover the large majority of what you may experience with patients during the healing process, it can by no means be considered 100% complete. I will be adding more “helpful hints” periodically, and as additional practitioners gain experience with this healing process, I encourage every practitioner to provide their personal case experiences in the interest of further guidance for all of us working to heal the patients.

Step One: Record the History

  1. Complete the patient’s history including all current symptoms the patient is experiencing. Use this form (PDF) or the form of your choice.
  2. List any diagnosis or suspected diagnosis. This can be helpful, yet a confirmed diagnosis is not necessary.
  3. List any medications the patient is currently taking. There are no reactions or contraindications with any medication or supplement with the Immune Balancing/Modulating Components we will be utilizing.
  4. Provide any additional pertinent information in the notes section.


  1. ATTITUDE: The patient may have been told or read that his condition is “incurable.” Be certain to explain to the patient that his condition is a consequence of the root disease autoimmunity, and that you will not be chasing consequences but eliminating the root cause by restoring proper immune function. This places the patient in a position of strength to avoid all the other autoimmune conditions on the list as he ages. The patient’s understanding of this generates confidence, a positive attitude, and compliance, and these generate success. Be certain to give your patients this edge.
  2. CONSISTENCY: Daily Introduction of immune modulating components in high concentration. (DigestaCure AUTOIMMUNE-X)
  3. Stress Reduction speeds the healing process. See section 4 of the healing guide.
  4. Proper Eating, Hydration, and Sleeping all speed the healing process. If you are eating in a fairly healthy manner, drinking 64 ounces of spring water per day, and getting sufficient sleep (7 to 9 hours), there is nothing to change here. No special diets are required. This being said, the obvious applies: Example: Diabetics avoid sugar, Celiac patients avoid gluten. All patients avoid any obvious intolerance or known allergens during the healing process.
  5. TIME is the variable. The body needs time to heal. Individuals with autoimmune conditions report varying healing levels and time frames. See averages reported here.

Step Two: Introduce the Immune Balancing/Modulating Components:
Simplified Instructions: See full instructions here: Directions
Capsules may be taken with or without food, preferably 3 times per day. Busy individuals can get away with twice per day, morning and evening.

Stepping up slowly to prevent detoxification discomfort:
Take one capsule the first day, two capsules the second day, three capsules the third day, etc., building to eight capsules on day number eight.

Remain at 8 capsules per day for three weeks, then proceed to 12 capsules per day (4 every 4 or 5 hours, timing is not critical) and hold at 12 until 100% symptom free (no symptoms and normal blood tests) for 60 days in a row (the “make-sure” period). Do not drop the dosage until ALL symptoms and abnormalities are gone for 60 days running. The healing process has been shown to take widely varying numbers of months dependent on numerous factors. See the averages reported for common conditions here: average healing time frames

For patients who are known to be highly toxic, “super-sensitive,” or who have known liver or kidney issues, use the following step-up procedure from the start:

Stepping up very slowly to prevent detoxification discomfort:
One-quarter capsule per day for the first 4 days.
One-half capsule per day for the next 4 days.
One capsule per day for the next 4 days.
Two capsules per day for the next 4 days.
Etc., building to 8 in 4 day increments. Remain at 8 capsules per day for three weeks, then proceed to 12 capsules per day as outlined above.

Note: This very slow step up procedure is an example which has been shown to work for the majority of cases when toxicity issues are present prior to commencing the healing process. ANY step up procedure can be customized to suit the patient’s needs and feedback both before and during the healing process.


  1. The immune modulating components are powerful, and possess anti-yeast, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-parasitic properties on contact. These properties will be restored to the immune system as the system restores. Curiously, the Food for the immune system possesses the same traits on contact as the restored immune system functioning at deeper levels.
  2. An average of only 1 patient out of 20 will experience detox symptoms to any significant degree. Therefore Do Not waste time from the start, with the slower step up dosages when no firm indication of the need to do so is present or indicated. Start with the standard step-up. If symptoms occur, reduce the dosage significantly and proceed up the dosage ladder more slowly. Taylor this to the patient’s response, and call support any time to discuss any case and get a recommendation on dosage adjustments.
  3. Common signs of detoxifying too quickly are nausea, headache, and diarrhea. To play the safe side, automatically consider any intensifying symptom the patient might experience to be possible irritation from too many toxins being released too quickly. You will be incorrect 50% of the time with that assumption, but nothing major is lost in the patients who did not really need to slow the step-up other than a little time.

    Ease of Adjustment: The “beauty” of the powder within the capsule is that we can adjust the dosages right down to a grain (an exaggeration to make the point) if need be in order to slowly detoxify the most toxic patient, and eventually heal them. The lowest dosage I have had to use in order to detoxify the most toxic individual, has been one sixteenth of a capsule mixed in water and spread over the day. This type of exaggerated step up procedure is necessary 1 case in 100, and likely to be needed due primarily to psychosomatic tendencies.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 out of 50 patients will attempt to try and convince you that they are “allergic” due to detox symptoms. I have witnessed most of these individuals heal with a very slow step-up, provided that they stick with it, so the point is, do not give up on this small group.

Have confidence. Most will heal progressively with no adjustment necessary. The company producing DigestaCure AUTOIMMUNE-X has never caused a death or injury in hundreds of thousands of cases. There are no side-effects and one cannot overdose, only experience detox if taken too aggressively.


Example Detox Scenario: A patient has been on the modulators for 5 days and has developed a headache which started on day 4, and which is atypical for that patient.

Course of action: Take a one day break with no dosage, drinking plenty of water. Reduce the dosage to 1 capsule per day for four days then proceed up the ladder increasing one capsule per day every two days.

Example Detox Scenario: A patient has been on the modulators for 10 days @ 8 per day and has developed more pain in the joints than usual.

Course of action: Take a two day break with no dosage, drinking plenty of water. Reduce the dosage to 3 per day until the pain level returns to normal (which may be immediate) then proceed to increase slowly and hold at 8 capsules per day. Remain at 8 capsules per day for three weeks, then proceed to 12 capsules per day as outlined above.

Example Scenario: A patient has been on the modulators for 60 days @ 12 per day. He has more energy and is sleeping better. His joints feel better but his dry eyes feel a little worse.

Course of action: Have him hold his course and touch base in one week. The issue is not likely to be detox. The patient has been on 12 capsules for 60 days with no other complaint and showing progress in other areas. 9 chances out of 10 the issue is temporary and will dissipate in a week or less.

Always call DigestaCure Support for help with any case or have the patient call: 1-888-671-2873

Healing Scenario: The patient has been on 12 capsules per day for 8 months and the condition/s are no longer detectable. The symptoms have been completely gone for the last 30 days and there are no traces of the condition/s in the bloodwork or any test.

Course of action: Hold the patient on 12 capsules per day for another 30 days and reevaluate. If the patient still has no signs or symptoms you may drop the dosage to the maintenance level of 2 capsules per day.

Options: If you wish, and the patient has the financial means, you may drop the dosage more slowly for peace of mind. You may drop to 8 per day for a month, then six per day for a month, then 4 per day for a month, before going to 2 per day for the maintenance level. You may plateau the patient on any number of capsules for any number of months.

The General Rule is this: The more the patient takes after the detox phase is over (generally 30 to 60 days for 99% of patients), the faster they heal, the better they feel, and the healthier they are ongoing.

Discuss these options with your patient:

The very best form of healing is prevention, and it is prevention which is the very best anti-aging protocol as well.

Healthy patients who wish to stay healthy and are prevention minded take 2 to 4 per day.

Healthy patients who are interested in prevention and anti-aging take 2 to 8 per day.

Patients with chronic degenerative and autoimmune conditions, after building up to 12 capsules per day, remain on 12 or go higher for faster results, then drop to a maintenance level after fully healed.

You will experience many patients who after taking 12 per day for months and healing their chronic conditions, do not wish to drop the dosage, or only wish to drop the dosage slightly. This is fine. The General Rule applies.

You will also experience the opposite. Some patients who after taking 12 per day for months and healing their chronic conditions, want to stop taking the modulators altogether, skipping the maintenance level, for a variety of reasons:

Reason #1: They do not fully understand that the reason for their success, was that we were feeding their immune system what it was designed to receive, but lacking, and that if we fail to feed the immune system ongoing, it will eventually collapse into the state of autoimmunity once again for the very same reasons it collapsed initially. This simple fact should be discussed with the patient, before, during, and after the healing process.

How was I healed? Feeding immunity a high concentration of the food it requires.

How do I relapse? Failing to feed the immune system a smaller but adequate amount moving forward.

The minimal amount required for health maintenance moving forward is usually 2 to 4 capsules daily for the majority of individuals, but can be higher for some individuals with contributing factors such as high stress loads and genetic predispositions to immune failure. With these individuals, higher levels will be required for health maintenance.

Reason #2: Pain was the motivating factor and now the pain is gone and complacency sets in. The patient has forgotten all about your education process outlined in Reason #1. Educate the patient once again.

Reason #3: The patient has a plan to save money, yet what the patient does not realize is that the $30 to $60 dollars spent monthly to insure health maintenance, is a drop in the bucket compared to battling autoimmunity once again in the future. Educate the patient on this fact initially, and if and when the patient falls off the wagon.

A Scenario which occurs one time out of 10 or 20 cases: The patient recovers, is on the health maintenance level, and begins to experience symptoms once again. Usually you will find the patient is on 2 per day, or telling you they have been on two per day.

Course of Action: Increase the dosage to 12 capsules per day until all symptoms are gone for 60 days in a row. Drop to a minimum maintenance level which is 2 to 4 capsules greater than the level on which they began to relapse. Example: If the relapse occurred when the patient was on a maintenance level of 2 per day, prescribe a 4 to 6 capsule per day maintenance level moving forward. In rare cases, usually due to multiple previous conditions and the resulting tissue damage, I have seen patients who require a full dosage of 8 to 12 capsules daily for maintenance.

The Most Common Trigger for Relapse: Aside from failing to ingest a daily maintenance level, the most common trigger, even far and above poor eating and sleeping habits, is Stress. You will find upon questioning the patient, as to whether or not they had a stressful event days and weeks before symptoms returning, that the overwhelming majority of times the answer will be yes. That been said, of course stress promotes poor eating and sleeping routines as well. Additionally, bear in mind that some patients are just too embarrassed to admit that they have failed to take the maintenance dosage consistently, or at all. Question them for accuracy: “Are you certain that you have been taking the maintenance level consistently, because I need to know in order to accurately help you.

Medications: Many patients suffering from autoimmune conditions will be on various medications when they come to you, or maybe you have placed them on certain medications in the past. As stated, there are no reactions or contraindications with medications and the immune modulators, therefore the patient may remain on any “necessary” medication until diminishing symptoms and testing dictate a gradual reduction or elimination of the medication.

Immune Suppressing Medications: Immune suppressing drugs will slow the healing process to varying degrees with each patient. As the patient slowly improves in the healing process, the patient can be slowly weaned as recommended from the immune suppressing medication. In general, the immune system will not be able to fully recover, and fully orchestrate all the bodily healing processes, until the suppressors have been cleared of the bloodstream. Thus the course of action is to slowly and appropriately wean the patient off, and place the patient in a position where he never needs to revisit such an option.

Blood Pressure Medications: BP meds make for a good example of how and when to reduce a drug until the need is eliminated. Did you know that high blood pressure is autoimmune driven? I didn’t realize this until I went through the first ten or so cases where a patient was suffering with various autoimmune conditions in conjunction with high blood pressure. As the immune system restored and the known autoimmune condition dissipated (the autoimmune attack was progressively being eliminated), the blood pressure kept coming down because the patient was not being instructed to progressively cut back on the BP med.

Therefore, as the autoimmune attack is being progressively eliminated from stricking the heart and circulatory system, the patient needs to keep an eye on his blood pressure and reduce the medication attempting to stay in the normal range, until off altogether. If the patient does not do this, he will eventually be taking BP meds for No reason and as a result have Low blood pressure.

The Greatest Hindrances to a Progressing Recovery:

Question your patients from the start regarding bowel function and frequency. This information should also be listed in the patient profiles.

1. Chronic Diarrhea: A fast moving digestive tract creates an environment which hinders the healing process. Patients with chronic diarrhea have remarked to me at times, when they ingest food materials which are easily recognizable such as corn, they can see the corn in the toilet in as little as hours later.

Considering that food stays in the stomach for 2 to 5 hours in a healthy person, this would mean that upon food exiting the stomach in a person with chronic diarrhea, little time in general is left. The contents are rocketing through the 21 feet of small intestinal tract at speeds which nutrient absorption has little chance. Other complications include undigested food particles and unneutralized acids rushing over the small intestinal and colon walls causing inflammation and an entire host of issues.

For our purposes, the term “diarrhea” is defined as one or a combination of any of the following:

  1. Frequency exceeding 5 times per day, formed or unformed.
  2. Urgency to the point of occasional accidents, even if movements are only 2 to 3 times per day, and of course more frequently.
  3. Loose stools occurring more than 2 times per day.
  4. “Brown water” occurring 1 time or more per day.

In order to heal a patient with chronic diarrhea of autoimmune conditions, you must conquer the diarrhea simultaneously while conducting the initial days and weeks of the healing process. The end goal is 2 to 3 bowel movements per day. Instructions for conquering diarrhea are outlined in sections 8 and 9 of the online user guide here: http://drrondrucker.com/guide AND/OR Use ANY safe and effective method you are comfortable with (as long as it works well for that particular patient) to ensure no more than 2 to 3 formed or semi-formed bowel movements per day during the healing process.

Note: Use the Imodium, or the generics, ONLY while using the AUTOIMMUNE-X simultaneously as a soothing agent.

IMPORTANT: Once the diarrhea is under control, particular attention must be exercised by the patient in regard to keeping the diarrhea from returning. This is accomplished by the patient keeping the Imodium with them at all times in case they need to make an adjustment. Instruct them to do this, for if diarrhea strikes, and an Imodium adjustment is withheld for periods of hours or days, the fast moving mode of intestinal contents will once again grip the system and the battle to get it under control will be great once again (an interruption in the healing process and lost time).

#2 Constipation: Just as diarrhea can retard the healing process, constipation can slow and hinder healing as well. Toxins, irritants, and pathogens are retained for long periods of time promoting toxicity, inflammation, and numerous physiological disturbances. Gases are retained causing pressure, bloating, and back pressure. These pressures are partially responsible for acid reflux, the formation of diverticulum pouches, herniations, intestinal perforations, and further promote the general digestive and immune dysfunction causing the constipation.

For our purposes, constipation is defined as having less than one bowel movement daily, when eating a normal 2 to 3 meals per day, or passing a stool one or less times daily which is dry and/or difficult to pass. Ideally, we are shooting for two bowel movements daily for optimal healing to occur progressively. One movement per day may not be optimum for some patients, even if this has been their norm for long periods of time.

Follow the recommendations outlined in section 10 of the guide here: Guide AND/OR Use ANY safe and effective method you are comfortable with (as long as it works well for that particular patient) to ensure 1 to 2 bowel movements per day during the healing process.

#3 Chronic and/or severe stress. Emphasizing the Stress Relief protocol in section #4 of the Guide initially, and checking on the patient during discussions to be certain it is being done is your best weapon in reducing their stress. Do not allow comments such as “but I do Yoga,” or “but I walk or exercise daily” to remain their mental substitute for the constant full breathing pattern, which they need to learn to accomplish each minute of each day. Humans need to breath. Humans with autoimmunity shallow breathe and subconsciously hold their breath for periods of 3 to 7 seconds routinely. You are teaching them to reverse a habitual shallow breathing pattern. Mastering a normal breathing pattern can shorten the healing process by 20 to 40%, cause the patient to feel and sleep better all the way through, and turn major corners sooner. Mastering a normal breathing pattern can also help you turn the corner in tough cases which are not initially responding.

#4 Negative attitude and or psychosomatic illness: Do your best here. Your level of enthusiastic encouragement will progressively increase with your case load.

#5 Immunosuppressive drugs/drug toxicity/drug effects: Examples: Prednisone, Imuran, Remicade, Methotrexate, Humira, Plaquinol, etc.: Weaning and the eventual elimination of the immune suppressing agent will be the protocol as discussed.

Note: I have witnessed several patients unable to show progress and/or turn a significant corner while on Plaquinol.

#6 Toxicity/poor kidney and liver function: Toxicity creates the need for a slower step-up period. Aside from a slow start, there are no further issues to address here now, beyond the dosage adjustment instructions above.

Why have I been using this type of immune modulation components? I have tested them extensively, and their experimental prototypes for the last 20 years, along with other formulas claiming to be an immune modulating agent. I have found the DigestaCure AUTOIMMUNE-X to be the only one which yields a one to ten million Dalton range under a size exclusion chromatography analysis. My independent testing proved to me early on that their processing method did indeed stabilize the long chain structure of the polysaccharide modulator preserving its healing properties. Operating as an independent, the company also gave me the opportunity during the development and improvement phases to give input on the direction of the formula in regard to the proportions of chain-length structures known scientifically to orchestrate the various healing processes. Anyone can run these tests independently to confirm this, of course the proof in the pudding over the years has been with the patient cases. You may read my book regarding all this here: “The Code of Life” If you would like a free hard copy, call me and I will send one out to you.

When I was working in hospitals, practicing in the early years on my own, and consulting with medical doctors, I remember helping many people, but I cannot say that I was ever clearly involved in healing a patient of an “incurable” condition. Today, after being involved for years with immune balancing and modulation, I am annoyed with the one case out of 10 or 20 where I cannot get a general or complete success.

Some patients have great difficulty gauging symptom or pain levels: If you fail to question the patient on the details, this can potentially throw you off in the process.

Fairly commonly I would receive a call form a patient in the healing process, usually from 2 to 6 months, and everything in between, who would state something to the effect of; “I’m not sure this is working for me.” … or even; “This is not working for me.”

First I would review their symptoms and diagnosis prior to commencing the healing process. Then I would ask them what symptoms are currently bothering them. In most cases, they would omit some good percentage of the symptoms initially listed. I would ask them specifically if the acid reflux, for example, was still bothering them, or if the headaches were still persisting. Sometimes the answer was “yes,” sometimes “no,” and sometimes “not as bad.” After going through each previous condition listed, the majority of times I would find that in reality the patient had improved somewhere between 20 and 80%, and after partaking in the discussion, they would agree.

The fact is that many patients who were suffering with multiple symptoms and conditions, will tell you that they are not recovering during the healing process if they still have pain or discomfort in one or two areas remaining. Pain and Discomfort is simply Pain and Discomfort to a good percentage of patients, and if not questioned precisely, they can have you running blind thinking you are failing when in reality you are making great strides, on the way to a recovery, and nothing should be changed in the mean-time.

Understanding Endocytosis:

Most common foods are broken down and absorbed by the typical enzymatic processes of digestion. Conversely, there are specific essential macromolecules which are required to be absorbed intact without being broken down or digested. These complex carbohydrates, known as polysaccharides or polymannans, are molecules linked together like beads in a necklace or links in a chain. The lengths of the chains vary, and are responsible for the many diverse healing functions, including but not limited to, blood-sugar regulation, anti-oxidant functions, anti-inflammatory effects, wound healing, and immune modulation.

The human body is designed with special receptor sites called enterons which line the digestive tract. Miraculously, these special receptor sites are designed to take in or engulf, intact, these polymannans. This process is called pinocytosis or endocytosis. Editor’s note: As used here the term pinocytosis is interchangeable with the term endocytosis. Both terms refer to the process whereby large, undigested nutrient particles are taken into the enterons intact and unbroken, therefore being abundantly available for their many healing and nutritive purposes.

Due to this process these polymannans are absorbed in a totally different way which protects the links of the chains. The chains are not broken or digested by the digestive enzymes found in our digestive tract. These large chain macromolecules must be absorbed intact for their structure to retain their healing physiological functions. They must not be broken down by the digestive enzymes within the digestive tract so as to retain their healing properties. Therefore, this complementary mechanism of endocytosis exists within the body to perform this essential task of absorption without destruction of these long chain structures.

Special Receptor Sites Lying in Wait:

The very existence of this complementary process, these “receptors in waiting,” is indicative of the critical importance of the ingestion of these essential long chain macromolecules. The human body, with these special receptor sites is literally lying in wait for these polymannan molecules.

It is logical to assume that the human physiology was designed possessing these enterons to perform endocytosis or pinocytosis specifically to process these indigestible yet highly essential plant nutrients which had for millions of years been present in our food supply. Once inside the enteron, these polysaccharides are carried to the sidewall of the cell where they are then introduced into the lymphatic system, from there, transported to the bloodstream where they are carried to each and every cell in the body as required. At this stage, this miraculous process is referred to as chemotaxis. It is the transport of necessary cellular substances to the areas in need. In addition, in the presence of these essential macromolecules the process of chemotaxis is markedly enhanced!

Intracellular Communication:

Once inside the cell, these long chain macromolecules which have been taken in by endocytosis including polysaccharides, polymannans, proteins, and polynucleotides (DNA and RNA) can be used for their unique healing properties or broken down inside the cell for their nutritional value. We refer to this process as, “intracellular digestion.” It is the second form of digestion which occurs within the cells. This form of digestion only occurs after these intact healing components have entered the interior of the cell where they are either utilized intact, for their unique and necessary healing properties, or they may be broken down and processed into their subcomponents for further use.

The cell is composed of a cell membrane which surrounds the cytoplasm (the fluid inside the cell.) There are numerous organelles (cell organs) within the cell. An organelle is a discrete structure of a cell having specialized functions such as the mitochondria for energy production, the ribosomes for protein production, and the nucleus for cell replication. There is a great deal of activity occurring within the cell. Communications of many types are taking place. For example, hormones have membrane receptors and use intracellular messengers to produce intracellular signals.

The cells are virtual mini factories processing nutrients and producing energy, new cells, tissues (cell replication), and virtually every substance required for every physiologic function throughout the body. The cells' semi-permeable outer membrane has channels that open to take in nutrients from the extracellular fluid such as the intestinal tract, lymph, or blood. These channels are opened by chemical messengers such as calcium ions, and hormones such as insulin which increases the transport of all nutrients into the cell interior. The cell can also excrete toxins, by-products of metabolism or manufactured substances that are needed elsewhere by the processes of channel transport for small molecules and by exocytosis for large macromolecules.

The cell is covered with a fuzzy coat called the glycocalyx made up of glycoprotein identifiers that direct the immune system to recognize self from foreign. Through this process of communication, immune cells may identify and destroy invaders or cells that have become defective, such as cancer cells, while leaving healthy cells unaffected (Effective Immune Function, Anti-Autoimmune). Groups of cells organized together make up tissues, tissues form to make up organs, and the organs working in harmony permit the human body to perform its many various functions.

The very basis of life, health, and longevity is healthy cells. This complementary digestive process of intracellular digestion is the process which fuels the cells. All essential nutrients must be available at all times for optimum cellular health and reproduction. Optimum health depends on optimum cellular communication. “The Code of Life” refers to the language used for both intracellular (within the cell) and intercellular (cell to cell) communication. This cellular communication in whole enables virtually every physiological process within the body!

There are many possible factors and reasons for the few individuals who do not respond, or the group who responds very slowly in comparison with the majority, and I have outlined many of them in “The Greatest Hindrances” section above. The physician may overcome most all of these over time by educating, adjusting, and guiding the patent. Yet in my opinion, there is one factor which is a culprit which, on the surface would appear to be out of the control of the physician.

This factor I believe to be, what I refer to as; “Limited Active Enterons.” A limited number of enterons, or “special receptor sites” in the small intestinal tract could clearly explain why those few patients who are doing everything else correctly, respond extremely slowly or not at all.

We are aware of the healing processes which the polymannans perform once in the bloodstream and inner cell, thus it only becomes logical that the major issue may be failure of absorption into the bloodstream. Is it possible that these individuals were born with fewer receptor sites, or possibly some percentage of the sites were damaged or destroyed over time, possibly by the autoimmune attack? Is it possible that some percentage of these sites are initially partially or fully dysfunctional due to inflammation from the autoimmune attack? If true, these logical assumptions would explain much in regard to the varying healing time frames of different individuals.

In some difficult cases, I have greatly increased the dosage (doubled or tripled; 24 to 36 per day) for a month or so in an effort to flood the digestive tract to be certain to catch any functioning enterons. This method seems to spawn noticeable or significant improvement in around 30 to 40% of the tough cases. Is the improvement due to in large to my Limited Active Enteron theory? I have no way to confirm this, but can only recommend, since there are no side effects and no way to overdose, that the physician attempt mega-dosing for the tough cases in an attempt to turn them around. The difficulty becomes getting the patient, who is generally not feeling up to it, to consume so much product in a day’s time, but there are those who are willing in order to possibly heal.

I have spent a good deal of time here discussing how to handle the problem cases. Fortunately if compliance is observed, these will prove to be the few.

Heal Discreetly and in Quantity.

Whether you are an M.D. or Natural Healing Practitioner, you must heal discretely. The disease-industry, and the government agencies who support and protect their systems and policies, do not appreciate a doctor who openly heals a condition for which they have gone to great lengths to label as “incurable.”

The successful practitioners using these immune modulators do not openly advertise their ability to heal the “incurable.” They make no claims for cures for diseases. They discreetly heal the patient and allow the patient to spread the word. The patient can claim anything they like to others, and most often are ecstatic with the healing practitioner, after suffering for years and often times decades with degenerative conditions.

Therefore you do not openly offer a cure, you offer “help” “for those suffering with chronic degenerative and autoimmune conditions.” We can all agree that a 40 to 70% improvement for 30% of the patients, and an 80 to 100% improvement for another 65% of the patients is certainly “help.”

I am able to openly teach the practitioner and spread the word that these “incurable conditions” are indeed very easily curable because I am an independent who is not selling drugs or supplements, and is not being compensated by any party who is. I am referring the practitioner to a healing procedure and I am charging no fees. I am protected under The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States which protects the right to free speech.

Place the power to heal in your bag and heal discreetly. Your small reward over time will be profits, a steady stream of referrals, and respect from your peers. Your large reward will be the contribution to humanity which most young wide-eyed medical students have dreamed of, but never had the means to achieve.

You may consult with me at no charge. My goal is to see as many physicians become proficient with this procedure as possible. There are millions suffering unnecessarily in this country alone.

Contact me: heal@drrondrucker.com

Patient Age as it relates to Healing Time Frames: Surprisingly, I have not found a vast difference in the healing time frame between a young and elderly person with the same autoimmune condition, unless that particular condition is one which causes irrevocable tissue damage.

It is entirely possible that this is true due to extenuating factors, such as the fact that dosage compliance and better lifestyle habits are more common among the elderly. Never the Less, I have had what seems to be a fairly equal number of the elderly recover just as quickly as compared to the younger groups.

The obvious exception to this rule is the elderly patient who has been suffering from the condition/s, and prescribed multiple medications for extended periods of time. Detoxification, organ function recovery, levels of permanent tissue damage, and weaning from the medications, will all play a role in extending the healing time frame.

Using Supplements During the Healing Process: There are two main areas of healing occurring during the healing process. Immunity is being balanced and restored to proper function which simultaneously eliminates the destructive misfiring effect of autoimmunity, and a vast healing process is also simultaneously taking place in restoring ailing physiologic functions and healing damaged tissue.

In general, beyond the immune modulating agents and my obvious recommendation to eat healthy and take a high-quality multi during the healing process, I have not found the need to use supplements in order to restore the immune system and heal the patient.

This being said, it could only be considered helpful to prescribe specific supplements to address and assist specific areas of organ or tissue malfunction or damage. Let the patient dictate his ability and desire to go the extra steps. As immunity restores and progressively supports the digestive environment and functions, nutrient absorption from foods and supplements will be progressively increasing.

What to Generally Expect with Various Conditions: The average healing time frame link here: http://drrondrucker.com/averagehealingtimeframes , provides a good general feel for what to expect with various common autoimmune conditions. You will get to the point where you will be able to estimate fairly accurately the healing time frames for other autoimmune conditions not listed, simply by comparing similar symptoms and physiologic malfunctions in common with each. Also see the patient progress reports for individual case accounts: http://drrondrucker.com/user-reports.

Given the fact that autoimmunity is the damaging driving force behind these conditions, you will generally find that a 30 to 60% improvement is usually attained in the first 3 to 6 months due to the elimination of the autoimmune attack. Many conditions largely involving inflammation and minimal tissue damage will have attained 70 to 100% at that juncture.

Contact me: heal@drrondrucker.com

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