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The Story Behind the Clinical studies on DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X®

In my 20 years of ever increasing success in using the immune modulators with patients, I never seriously considered conducting official clinical trials. Aside from the moral issue of placing half of a group of suffering people on a placebo, which I will not be involved with, I felt the effort would be expensive and futile in the end. For the purpose of clinical trials is to gain FDA approval for treatment of disease, and the FDA has never approved a natural product for treatment of disease in the history of the FDA, and in all likelihood, never will. So why try, was my sad conclusion.

Sometimes in the course of our busy lives, the most obvious answers unfortunately elude us. One day while on the phone with a recovered Lupus patient who had just sent a 100% recovery report, it began to come clear to me. The man was ecstatic about his recovery from Lupus, a disease his doctor told him was “incurable,” but he was frustrated in the fact that those close to him would not believe him when he attempted to tell them about the immune modulators. He said to me; “Doc, why don’t you take my progress report, and the reports from others, and have a study run on the data?”

At first I tried to think of all the reasons why I would not do that, possibly to justify why I had not thought of doing precisely that myself. After spending a weekend thinking about it, I came up with no good reason not to do it, and every good reason to do it. I thought, my God, I encourage doctors to think outside the box, and to drop the industry brainwashing in order to do so. Yet there I was, succumbing to the brainwashing myself. Who cares if the study would not involve a placebo? What placebo ever repeatedly healed chronic degenerative autoimmune diseases classified as incurable? (See page 8 of Studies). Of course the statistics would demonstrate therapeutic results similar to what I had been experiencing with patients. Was I worried about being criticized by my peers? If the studies caused more people to be healed, then none of these baseless concerns would matter anyway.

That Monday morning I called Pristine Nutraceuticals and requested copies of their progress reports submitted from patients taking the immune modulators. I wanted two random time frame samplings involving approximately 200 patients each. A week later I received the reports minus any personal information identifying the patient. I called a few clinical research coordinators and began to lay the groundwork. Two weeks later the data was being extrapolated. Two months later the results were in. Both studies mirrored my experience with patients suffering with autoimmune conditions, in the range of 80 to 90% average therapeutic improvement in a 12 month time frame.

From the Studies:

CONCLUSION: It is the opinion of the professionals compiling these findings, that the PHASE 3 CLINICAL TRIAL, in conjunction with the previous PHASE 1 Safety Data and PHASE 2 TRIAL, have the potential to, and clearly should, change the direction of modern medical treatment away from emphasis on the harmful drug-based methodology, which has recently be designated by Johns Hopkins University as the *Third Leading Cause of Death, to a harmless and effective natural therapeutic approach.

PHASE 4 CLINICAL STUDY data is presently being compiled and combined from patient case files of numerous Medical Doctors and Natural Healing Practitioners using DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X® on their patients. Thus far the PHASE 4 doctor/patient data is mimicking the therapeutic results demonstrated in the PHASE 2 and PHASE 3 TRIALS.

Read the Studies:

PHASE 2 CLINICAL TRIAL for Safety and Effectiveness on: DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X® (PDF)

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